ProjectAssessment.App allows you to easily measure your students' knowledge level and rubric difficulty, whenever you use a rubric to grade an assignment.

Universities, departments, and individual faculty members are interested in the knowledge of their students. While methods to measure knowledge using exams are established, measuring knowledge using artifacts graded with a rubric can be difficult. Recently, Smith and Wooten (2023) established a method to estimate rubric row difficulty and proxies for student knowledge. This online application performs this estimation using data provided by the user. This tool can be used to help diagnose misaligned rubric rows, examine proxies of knowledge of the students, and detect changes in knowledge among student groups. This can be used by an individual faculty member diagnosing issues in their class, to perform university assessment (e.g., for accreditation), or in education research (e.g., determining the effectiveness of an intervention); these use cases are discussed in the "Why and Example Uses" section. Below you will find a short introductory video:

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